adoration chapel



Before the Second Vatican Council was held in the 1950’s-60’s, many Catholic churches had their own Baptistry built outside the actual church building. Maryvale Catholic Church was one such church, and was built during the period of the Council. In fact, soon after it’s completion, the baptistery became defunct and was used as a storeroom. 50 Years later the idea sprang up to convert it to an adoration chapel. 


The 8-seater chapel was transformed and disabled access provided. It can seat eight people in individual benches, in an arrowhead arrangement facing the Blessed Sacrament, at the far end. The upper windows were changed for coloured glass, and light from the lower row of windows blocked out with thick curtains, to create a more intimate space and cut out glare. At the entrance, a mosaic of Our Lady gesturing towards the Sacrament indicates the change of direction but also functions as a reminder that the origin and apex of everything is in Christ. Mary points us to Christ. The floor layout and steel stand on axis with its Christocentric symbols also reinforce this concept.




Conversion of former baptistry into adoration chapel


Parish of Our Lady of the Wayside